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Nokta Fiş Yazıcı

mPOS Yazıcı

Çevre Birimleri

Stand ve Kurulum Aksesuarları

  • Tablet Stand

    SRP-Q300H ve BCD-3000 için sağlam masa standı

  • Dahili SMPS

    SMP'leri ve kabloyu entegre etmek için yazıcı tabanı

  • Dikey Stand

    Alan kullanımı için dikey montaj standı

  • Duvar Montajı

    Yazıcıyı istediğiniz konuma kolayca monte etmek için duvara montaj braketi

  • Koruyucu Kapak

    Özel su ve toz önleyici kapak

Dış ve Kablo Aksesuarları

  • Melodist

    Mutfak veya gerçek zamanlı sipariş için ideal görsel ve işitsel gösterge

  • Buzzer

    Yazıcı hatası alarmı için harici sesli uyarı

  • Şerit Kartuş

    SRP-275III için şerit kartuş

  • DK Gender

    Para kasası kablosu

  • Elektrikli USB Kablosu

    Elektrikli USB Kablosu (Sadece Elektrikli USB arayüz modeli için)

  • USB Kablo

    USB A'dan B'ye 1.8m Kablo

BIXOLON Launches SRP-Q200 Compact Cube Receipt Printer

Introducing 2-inch Printing to Its Highly Successful POS Cube Series Printing Line-up BIXOLON Co., Ltd, a leading global Mobile, Label and POS Printer manufacturer today announced the launch of the SRP-Q200, a 2-inch (58mm) Direct Thermal printer. Featuring a compact cube design, ergonomic functions and competitive pricing, it’s ideal for a range of receipt and ticketing applications from Retail...


Printing in Chilled and Cold Conditions

Printing in Chilled and Cold Conditions

use is developing at a pace and the use of mobility is driving change in many
vertical markets. A growing mobile workforce means printing at the point of
picking, packing, identification or dispatch is accessible to all corners of
the warehouse or every doorstep in town. However, how can you be sure tha...


Loss Prevention and Protection: Digital Vs Physical Receipting

For hundreds of years paper receipting has acknowledged that a person has received goods or services following a payment of money or property. It provides a physical binding contract of a transaction which has taken place. As technology has advanced from physical written receipting to the use of printed receipts, digital receipting is now entering the arena. With each technology advance, it has ...


BIXOLON Printers Transforming Smart Devices into Mobile Payment Solutions

Enabling businesses to take payments whenever and wherever they need, mobile POS system is a great solution to reduce queues, drive new sales opportunities and increase the total revenue across all vertical markets including retail, public sector and transportation. All-in-one payment terminals have been recognized as a convenient tool for mobile payments however, with the rising infiltration of ...


Retail POS Printing – Cheap Vs Cheerful?

The value of POS
printing technology slowly decreasing with a stream of low cost printing
hardware flooding the market, Retailers are now left questioning the use of the
product against its replacement costs. The influx of low cost hardware comes at
a price, cutting corners using sub-standard irreplaceable components means
technology frequently only lasts...