الحرارية POS طابعة

الطابعة الطارقة



الحامل واكسسوارات التركيب

  • حامل لوحي

    حامل طاولة لوحي قوي SRP-Q300H و BCD-3000

  • مصدر الطاقة المتكاملة

    قاعدة الطابعة لدمج مصدر الطاقة مع الكابل

  • حامل رأسي

    حامل تثبيت رأسي للاستفادة من المساحة

  • حامل تثبيت للحائط

    حامل تثبيت على الحائط لتركيب الطابعة بسهولة في الموضع الذي تختاره

  • غطاء الظهر

    غطاء الظهر غطاء واقي خاص ضد الغبار والماء

  • كابل متوازي

    D-SUB 25P (M) - 36 (M)، 1.8m كابل متوازي

اكسسوارات خارجية وكابلات

  • الموسيقار

    مؤشر السمعي البصري مثالي للطبخ والأوامر في الوقت الحقيقي

  • صفارة

    جهاز نداء خارجي لخطأ الطباعة الذي ينذر بالخطر

  • خرطوشة الشريط

    خرطوشة الشريط SRP-275III

  • كابل من نوع DK

    كابل درج النقود

  • كابل USB بالطاقة

    كبل USB بالطاقة
    (فقط لطراز واجهة USB المزودة بالطاقة)

  • كابل USB

    USB A-B/A-A 1.8m كابل

  • Serial Cable

    Seria Cable (9-9/25-9pin)


  • كابل تسلسلي

    D-SUB 9P (M) - كابل تسلسلي D-SUB 9P (M) ، 1.5 متر

The Challenge: Reliable and Transparent e-Voting Solutions

A growing number of organizations in some democratic countries have introduced electronic voting systems with the aim of improving various aspects of the conventional voting process. E-Voting ensures faster vote count and tabulation alongside extremely accurate results, while reducing the chance for human error. Furthermore, it requires only the amount of ballot paper to be consumed for those who ...


BIXOLON Unveils the New BK3-21 2-inch Kiosk Printer

Compact, Convenient and Dependable Kiosk Printer for a Wide Range of Kiosk Systems BIXOLON Co., Ltd, a leading global Mobile, Label and POS Printer manufacturer today announced the launch of a new addition to the BIXOLON BK3 Series, BK3-21. The compact and light-weight 2-inch (60 mm) open frame kiosk printer is developed upon proven expertise and knowledge the company has gathered over decades in ...


BIXOLON Launches SRP-Q200 Compact Cube Receipt Printer

Introducing 2-inch Printing to Its Highly Successful POS Cube Series Printing Line-up BIXOLON Co., Ltd, a leading global Mobile, Label and POS Printer manufacturer today announced the launch of the SRP-Q200, a 2-inch (58mm) Direct Thermal printer. Featuring a compact cube design, ergonomic functions and competitive pricing, it’s ideal for a range of receipt and ticketing applications from Retail...


Printing in Chilled and Cold Conditions

Printing in Chilled and Cold Conditions

use is developing at a pace and the use of mobility is driving change in many
vertical markets. A growing mobile workforce means printing at the point of
picking, packing, identification or dispatch is accessible to all corners of
the warehouse or every doorstep in town. However, how can you be sure tha...


Introducing BIXOLON’s Web-based Printer Profile Management Software, XPM™

Ensuring easy deployment and day-to-day operation to keep your printers in peak condition BIXOLON Co., Ltd a leading global Mobile, Label and POS printer manufacturer, today announced the launch of its NEW web-based Printer Profile Management Software; XPM™. XPM is the ideal solution for deploying and managing installed printers in various market sectors, including Manufacturing, Transportation & Lo...