принтер для киосков

Устройства печати


Аксессуары для источников питания

  • Источник питания (с 2-штырьковым разъемом)

    Источник питания с 2-штырьковым разъемом

  • Источник питания (с разъемом для питания постоянного тока)

    Источник питания с разъемом для источника пост.тока


  • Последовательный кабель (с 5-штырьковым разъемом и разъемом для последовательного порта)

    Последовательный кабель с разъемами 5P и D-SUB 9P(M) длиной 1,5 м

  • Последовательный кабель

    Последовательный кабель с разъемами D-SUB 9P(M) и D-SUB 9P(M) длиной 1,5 м


  • USB-кабель для принтеров этикеток

    Кабель с разъемами USB A и USB B длиной 1,8 м

BIXOLON XI - Label Printing Support for Standalone Solutions

developed XI, BIXOLON Interpreter, which is ideal for building standalone label
printing solutions which can be used remotely without an accompanying PC.
BIXOLON XI is a standalone BASIC* programming
interpreter that enables users to create a BAS application which directly sends
printing data to a pre-allocated BIXOLON label printer from peripherals...


Season's Greetings!

To our valuable customers and partners, As it's time to turn the page to a new year,everyone at BIXOLON would like to wish you a joyous and happy holiday season. We are grateful for your continued supportand the trust you have placed in us throughout the past year. May the upcoming year bring success and health to all of us.


Increase SOHO Business Productivity with BIXOLON Label Printers

The acronym SOHO refers to a small office home office business. SOHO businesses are typically considered to only have one to ten employees and are based in small office spaces or homes. The term SOHO has helped to differentiate traditional work environments such as offices and stores from operations run out of people’s homes. The SOHO approach to business provides owners and entrepreneurs a varie...


BIXOLON Ranked Global Leader within the Mobile Receipt Printer Market for the Eighth Consecutive Year

BIXOLON maintains its global
leadership position of the mobile receipt printer market BIXOLON Co., Ltd., a leading global Mobile, Label and POS
Printer manufacturer is pleased to announce it has been named the World’s leading Mobile
Receipt Printer Manufacturer by the Japanese research firm Chunichisha Co.,
Ltd. for the eighth
consecutive year. Cited in Chunichi...


The Importance of Zero Waste Store Weigh Labelling Solutions

“The world generates 2.01 billion tonnes of municipal solid waste annually with at least 33% of that not managed in an environmentally safe manner. Global waste is expected to grow to 3.40 billion tonnes by 2050, more than double the population growth over the same period” – The World Bank. As the world is being forced to review the sustainability and the environmental impact of its current ac...