B-post Label™

B-post Label™ is patented labelling solution compatible only with a number of BIXOLON Label Printers with specialist built-in firmware.


  • High Efficiency and Space Utilization

    • One solution generating diverse labels such as electronic stamps, invoices and shipping labels means lower purchasing costs of printers and consumables
    • Ability to print labels in varying lengths
    • Only one label part number to stock and order
    • Eliminating the need to switch label rolls to differing sizes
  • Long-term Reliability

    • Maintain the high performance of the Auto Cutter by cutting through the adhesive-free area, extending the cutter's life
    • Ensure cleaner printer use
  • Space Utilization

    • Space efficient, reducing the number of printers required to print different sized labels
    • Tidier cabling management with wireless connectivity options