A compact dark grey design for applications where space is at a mid-tier, the 4-inch (116mm) Direct Thermal SLP-DL410 offers a strong, dependable feel that is expected of the BIXOLON Desktop printers. The externally fed media design can handle both fan-fold or roll-based media with a roll holder design that makes this an ideal candidate to migrate your legacy mid-range printers to a more compact, cost-effective labelling solution. Cutter and peel dispense options extend media handling choices further, as do the Ethernet and MFi certified Bluetooth options. The attached power supply (PSU) options will ensure that cable management is sorted and the compact nature of the printer retained.


  • Small Foot Print and Versatile Features

    • Compact and space-saving design
    • Supporting a wide range of media types such as fan-fold or large labelling
    • Various Options: external roll media, peeler and auto-cutter

  • High Performance

    • Fully compatible with market-leading programming Languages
    • Smart switch programming languages without setting the mode
    • Fast data processing and a printing speed up to 5 ips (127 mm/sec)
    • Smart Media Detection™

  • Mobile Device Compatibility

    • The World’s first - desktop label printer with built-in Bluetooth and MFi iAP2 certification
    • Smart Bluetooth Auto Switch: switching from iOS mode to standard Bluetooth mode
    • Compatible with smart mobile devices


4 inch Direct Thermal Desktop Label Printer

The mid-tiered 4-inch (116mm) SLP-DL410 offers performance features at an economic price, so making it an ideal solution for your Direct Thermal label and tag printing needs. The design of the printer allows for easy housing or mounting, so coupled with its processing plus printing speed and quality, the SLP-DL410 means all your labelling needs in Logistics, Manufacturing and Warehousing are met.

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  • Manufacturing

    Field Operations


  • External Label Holder

    External label holder for maximum Ø150mm

  • External Label Holder

    External label holder for maximum Ø205mm

  • USB Cable for Label Printers

    USB A to B 1.8m Cable