SRP-380 Series

BIXOLON’s premium, ultra-reliable, next generation POS printer, the 3-inch (80mm) SRP-380 sets new standards in printer reliability and printer life expectancy. This compact, low maintenance, intelligent Direct Thermal printing solution offers high reliability with and a number of connectivity options including USB V2.0 as standard with optional connectivity that includes Serial, Ethernet, Powered USB, Bluetooth and WLAN. With compatibility with all major operating systems including Android™, iOS™ and Windows® (Apple® MFi certified model).Offering Enhancing business continuity with functionality, the POS printer features a range of paper saving firmware and software add-ons for easy integration into your chosen system.


  • Ensuring Business Continuity

    • High reliability of 250km TPH with its Auto Cutter guaranteed up to 3 million cuts
    • Fast speed printing of up to 350 mm/sec,17% faster than other comparable models
    • USB V2.0 + Serial, Ethernet, Powered USB,Bluetooth or WLAN

  • Cost-efficiency

    • Various software and firmware paper saving functions
    • Paper saving mode, reduces the length of a receipt up to 25%
    • Auto receipt resize, 80 - 58мм with optional auto paper reduction function
    • Anywhere Anyfont™ (Unicode) removes the need to write multiple code pages for every language
    • Compatible with all major operating systems including Android™, iOS™(MFi certified) and Windows®

  • Low Maintenance

    • Life time indicator enables to check TPH and Auto Cutter’s life with self-test printing via statistic data
    • Easy Tracking™ supports a QR code linking to the technical support microsite on a unique label plate found on the bottom of the printer


3-inch POS printer

The SRP-383 is a 3-inch (80mm) thermal receipt printer that offers 300dpi print resolution. Ideal for large retailers due to its high print quality and cost-efficient features.

#350mm/sec #300dpi #Premium #Dual WLAN


3-inch POS Printer

The SRP-380 is BIXOLON’s premium, ultra-reliable, next generation 3-inch (80mm) thermal POS printer. A feature rich printing solution producing 203dpi printed content at 350mm per second, the solution is ideal for a range of applications including Retail, Hospitality, Ticketing and Self-Service Kiosk and more.

#350mm/sec #Premium #Dual WLAN


  • Splash cover

    Special water and dust preventing cover

  • Melodist

    Audio and visual indicator ideal for kitchen or real time ordering

  • Buzzer

    External buzzer for alarming printer error

  • DK Gender

    Cash drawer cable

  • Powered USB cable

    Powerd A-B USB Y cable (1.2/4.8m)
    Powerd USB (0.5/1.2m)

  • USB Cable

    USB A-B/A-A 1.8m Cable

  • Serial Cable

    Seria Cable (9-9/25-9pin)

  • Parallel Cable

    D-SUB 25P(M) - 36(M), 1.8m Parallel Cable