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The Era of the Always-On Business: BIXOLON’s Postal Sector Solutions

As the provision of post and
parcel services to homes and businesses grows, so too is the investment in
technology along the whole mail and parcel process of collection through to delivery. Traditional postal
applications have been evolving for some time, but advancements are on-going as
our “always-on” need has to be fulfilled in respect of collection and delivery<...

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BIXOLON Announces New Website Launch

The new website features a fresh look, easy access to
essential information with a focus on exceptional user experience

Co., Ltd., a leading global Mobile, Label and POS Printer manufacturer,
announced the launch of its newly designed website,

new website highlights BIXOLON’s unique global presence an...

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Omni-Channel Retail: BIXOLON’s Collection and Return Solutions

Global and national retail performances are
frequently reported on in the media and the predictions of falling sales are triggering
Retailers to work tirelessly to change their outlook and entice new shoppers while
providing services to retain existing customers. Collection and return services
are just one of the ways retailers are adding value and improving the...

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BIXOLON Ranked Global Leader Within the Mobile Receipt Printer Market For The Sixth Consecutive Year

BIXOLON maintains its
global leadership position within the mobile receipt printer market
BIXOLON Co., Ltd., a leading global Mobile,
Label and POS Printer manufacturer is proud to announce it has been named the
World’s leading Mobile Receipt Printer Manufacturer by the Japanese research
firm Chunichisha Co., Ltd. for the sixth consecutive year. Cited in...

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BIXOLON’s mPrint Server: Facilitating Direct Printing from Web Browsers

a crucial part of business operations, creating new software is a complicated
process usually with multiple obstacles. However, in a highly connected world,
developing applications for different platforms is considered essential yet it can
often be time-consuming and require maintenance by dedicated staffs which
can result in high costs.


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빅솔론은 다양한 환경에서 사용할 수 있는 POS, 모바일 포스 & 라벨 프린터를 혁신적이고 다양한 인쇄 기술을 제공하는 세계적인 프린터 제조업체 입니다. 빅솔론은 모든 비즈니스 환경에서 고객에게 최상의 서비스를 제공하기 위해 전방위적 프린터 기술을 선도하기 위하여 노력 하고 있습니다. 빅솔론의 마케팅 전략인 FAST, FLEXIBLE, FRIENDLY (3F) 기반으로 다양한 환경에서 빅솔론의 기술과 서비스를 경험해 보십시요.

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