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  • Hospitality

    Fast and Efficient

    BIXOLON’s POS printing solutions are easily integrated with existing PC-based POS system and the innovative tablet PC-based POS & order-taking systems for restaurant operations.

  • Ticketing

    Fast and Convenient

    Ticket printers are required for environments that should issue tickets such as banks, theaters, amusement parks, and bus terminals

  • Transportation&Logistics

    Convenient and Durable

    Mobile printers permit businesses to print receipts and invoices and accept credit card payments at the point of delivery.

  • Healthcare

    Reliable and Precise

    Bixolon’s printing solutions ensure accuracy and prevent errors while printing patient wristbands, labeling prescriptions, and processing patient information.

  • Public Sector

    Secure and Reliable

    As fast and cost-efficient public services are in high demand, IT devices based on printing technologies are increasingly adopted in the public sector.

  • Field Workforce

    Time-saving and Productive

    Information technologies, which process field operations through the connection with back office and database, are required for field workforce servicing buyers.

  • Retail

    Quick and Effective

    Bixolon offers a comprehensive line of POS printers, which feature state-of-the-art technology, high-speed printing and topnotch quality.

  • Manufacturing

    Precise and Productive

    Barcode printing technologies enhance the management of assets and boost the accuracy of your manufacturing procedures.

  • RFID

    Cost-efficient and Accurate

    Bixolon provides affordable RFID printers, allowing businesses to increase productivity, track assets and manage inventory.

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New Products

  • Mobile Printers


    ∙ mPOS receipt printer
    ∙ Liner-free label printer (optional)
    ∙ iPad, iPhone, iOS mobile printer (MFi certified)
    ∙ And...