Impresora POS térmica

Impresora POS de impacto



Accesorios de limpieza y cables

  • Pluma de limpieza

    Pluma de limpieza para el cabezal de impresión

Soportes y accesorios de instalación

  • Soporte para la tableta

    Soporte robusto para la tableta para SRPQ300H Y BCD-3000

  • Fuente de poder integrado

    Base de la impresora para integrar fuente y cable de poder

  • Soporte vertical

    Soporte de montaje vertical para uso en espacios limitados

  • Montaje en la pared

    Soporte de pared para montaje fácil de la impresora en la posición elegida

  • Cubierta para salpicaduras

    Cubierta especial preventiva contra polvo y agua

Accesorios Externos y Cables

  • Compositor

    Indicador audiovisual ideal para la cocina y pedidos en tiempo real

  • Zumbador

    Zumbador externo para alarmar un error en la impresora

  • Cartucho de cinta

    Cartucho de cinta para srp-275III

  • Género DK

    Cable para el cajón monedero

  • Cable USB energizado

    Cable USB energizado (solo para modelos con puerto USB energizado)

  • Cable USB

    Cable USB A a B de 1,8m

BIXOLON Printers Transforming Smart Devices into Mobile Payment Solutions

Enabling businesses to take payments whenever and wherever they need, mobile POS system is a great solution to reduce queues, drive new sales opportunities and increase the total revenue across all vertical markets including retail, public sector and transportation. All-in-one payment terminals have been recognized as a convenient tool for mobile payments however, with the rising infiltration of ...


Retail POS Printing – Cheap Vs Cheerful?

The value of POS
printing technology slowly decreasing with a stream of low cost printing
hardware flooding the market, Retailers are now left questioning the use of the
product against its replacement costs. The influx of low cost hardware comes at
a price, cutting corners using sub-standard irreplaceable components means
technology frequently only lasts...


Introducing the BIXOLON BK3-31 3-inch Kiosk Printer

Compact and flexible Printing
Solution for Kiosk and Ticketing Industry

BIXOLON Co., Ltd, a
leading global Mobile, Label and POS Printer manufacturer today announced the
launch of the NEW BK3-31 3-inch (80 mm) kiosk thermal printer supporting 203dpi print
resolution. Ideal solution as an integral part of a self-service kiosk for
retail rec...


BIXOLON SRP-383: A Top Choice For POS Applications Demanding High Print Quality

When selecting the right printer for a POS application, various factors need to be considered and print resolution is a key requirement. 180dpi or 203dpi print faster and produce an identifiable image for most applications, but when it comes to printing small fonts, intricate barcodes, and graphics, higher print resolution is often required. Offering 300dpi the highest resolution in the POS printe...


Edupoint® Educational Systems Selects the BIXOLON SRP-Q302, Ultra-Compact, Cube Receipt Printer for their New Synergy® Education Platform App

BIXOLON 3-inch thermal printer is now integrated into Edupoint® education app Gardena, CA – BIXOLON, a leading global mobile, label and POS printer manufacturer, today announced the successful integration of the SRP-Q302 3-inch, Direct Thermal ultra-compact, Bluetooth receipt printer with Synergy® Education Platform App. “The solutions we create at Edupoint are innovative, modern, and responsiv...